Nordic Sea Mega Mug

Nordic Sea Mega Mug


A modern, stoneware mug, perfect to hold your breakfast builders’ brew or your elevenses, life-saving coffee. 

Nordic Sea is a tableware collection featuring a colour scale that captures the tones of the North Sea on a stormy day. Every item is completely unique with a delicately textured stoneware glazed finish. The glaze is very sensitive to conditions of the firing and the result gives varying textures and colours. The individuality of each item in the collection is part of the overall look. 

This homeware range also includes a teapot, a milk jug and cups and saucers

Due to the nature of the style and manufacturing process of our products, some items may have slight variations in shape, weight, size or colour. 

Dimensions: approx. W9.5cm x H11.5cm

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