Diamond pot & saucer - white

Diamond pot & saucer - white


Dimensions: 8.48cm in diameter and 7.62cm tall.

These clay ceramic flower pots with saucers come in a contemporary, yet elegant, unique and beautiful design, with a pastel matte finish and a geometric diamond pattern. And all have drainage holes so your houseplants won’t suffer. Plus, there’s a handy saucer to protect surfaces from water spills and drips when you do your watering.

They aren’t as delicate as they look either and perform a highly practical role in your home. They will hold a variety of plants, including herbs for your kitchen and succulents for your living room.

Use a combination of your favourite houseplants and these pots and saucers to create a calming influence in your bathroom or for an edgy twist in your living room.

Plants that look great in these pots include aloe, kalanchoe and a whole host of herbs.

Also available in: black and light grey.

Also available are the Bliss vase, Gem vase and Tokyo planter ranges.

Due to the nature of the style and manufacturing process of our products, some items may have slight variations in shape, weight, size or colour.

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