Tokyo planter - light grey

Tokyo planter - light grey


Dimensions: 6.35cm in diameter and 10.16cm tall and two shapes (one with one tall side, the other with two tall sides)

Toyko pots are made from clay, which allowed the designers to play around with matte finish on these decorative pots for indoor plants. The end result gives these pots a more high-end, modern look.

The Tokyo planters come in five colours and two shapes (one with one tall side, the other with two tall sides).

The name Toyko comes from the idea of creating a mini-city arrangement on your windowsill or a side table when you cluster both the shapes and several colours together.

There is no drainage hole in these pots, so you’ll need a layer of charcoal and gravel for drainage under succulents. They are also fully glazed, so they can be used for small cut flower arrangements. They are also great for air plants.

Due to the nature of the style and manufacturing process of our products, some items may have slight variations in shape, weight, size or colour.

Available in: black, white, blue grey and yellow

Also available are the Bliss vase, Diamond pot & saucer and Gem vase ranges.

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