• Winter houseplant watering tips

    If you received a houseplant for Christmas, then help keep it looking healthy and happy for as long as possible with our simple tips. 

    Remember, living indoors isn’t natural for plants, so you need to provide an environment to suit their needs. 

    1. Centrally heated homes mean dry air and this can cause problems. Stand large plants in a saucer of damp pebbles to help create a humid environment to them.
    2. Don’t over water – use saucers and throw any water not used by the plant away so it doesn’t become stagnate and cause problems.
    3. Keep soil moist but never soaking – use your finger to check if the soil is dry before watering it.
    4. Houseplants need a rest in the winter. Feed them with an indoor plant fertiliser in the summer only.
    5. Check out from the plants label how it likes to be water and weather it also likes to be misted with water.