• Top tips on how to make your home feel more zen

    We’ve all been spending far more time at home than normal in the last year, and as a result, certain household items may have begun to irritate you.

    Or you may have realised that the way a room is set up or organised no longer works for you.

    So, now is the ideal time to fix all these problems.

    Having an organised and tidy room is not only pleasing to the eye, but evidence also shows it’s beneficial to your overall health, as your home will be a more tranquil environment.

    When planning a de-clutter session be sure to provide ample time, allow a day or a weekend to get things done, depending on the room you’re targeting, and don’t get distracted.

    It’s always a good idea to begin by repurposing or discarding products you don’t need. Begin with any paperwork that might be lying around. Anything that is out of date should be thrown away.

    If you can’t store essential documents electronically, use elegant stacking boxes made of natural materials like wicker, and use blackboards for notes/lists and memo boards for any lost paperwork or receipts.

    If you haven't used anything in the last six to 12 months, it might be time to recycle, sell, donate, or throw it away!

    Order things by use and make a place for everything. After using the item, return it to its place. Leave nothing lying around and never put off returning something to its home.

    Recycle containers like pretty jam jars as markers, paperclips, and other stationery holders. They can also be used as stylish storage jars for small objects like buttons.

    Hang keys in a safe position or use a special pot, and keep them away from windows and front and back doors.

    Make sure that everything you bring in to help you get organised at home blends in with your existing decor. Storage and organisers must be both attractive and efficient.

    We have a stunning and practical range of storage available for all types of homes.