• Top 10 winter interior trends for 2020

    As we head into the winter months, the weather is changing and so should our interiors.

    The time has come to make the changes needed for a cosier and warmer home.

    1. Neutrals – this is a colour palette that we seem to return to almost every year, but often with a new look. Neutrals create a calmness and peacefulness within our homes, and you can create a more organic feel by adding a patterned or textured rug and cushions.
    2. Greys – grey is a very popular neutral shade this year, and it tends to pair well with navy accents and a wooden floor. You can easily accessorise with a throw or cushions to add texture too.
    3. Spice colours – this look is all about adding warmth and depth into your home. These colours are a reminder of the natural world and complement well with greys. The homemade look can create a nice vintage feel.
    4. Cane furniture – cane can be part of sideboards, sofas and chairs, but can also make a great centrepiece. The light and washed finished cane can create a rustic look and it pairs well with white accessories.
    5. Granny chic – granny chic is the total opposite of neutrals, this look is all about pattern, colour and layering. Mixing patterned wallpaper with full-length curtains, textured classic shaped furniture, and large, patterned rugs.
    6. Natural materials – now let us take it back to the 70s. Rattan furniture can be styled up and down, by adding cushions and throws in a floral print. Plants, neutral colours, and embroidery can make the look more homemade.
    7. Florals – try including a small floral print without it being too overpowering. To make it feel more luxury it can be paired with velvet furniture, which is also perfect for cooler months.
    8. The nature look – this look is all about soft greens and aged woods for furniture. It will pair beautifully with faux fur cushions and candles for a warm glow.
    9. Preserved flowers – drying flowers is a great DIY hobby to try at home. Try using neutral shades, vibrant fuchsias and blues. When you’re all done, pop them in your favourite vase
    10. Panelled walls – a panelled wall will add interest and dimension to a plain wall. The panels work well in bedrooms, dining rooms and lounges. Velvet textures and rugs can also create a cosy feel.