• Tips to ‘de-stress’ your home

    Much as we need to de-stress after a hectic week, our homes can also feel the full force of our busy lives and become untidy and cluttered, so they also need some attention too.

    In the Feng Shui philosophy, our homes are a reflection of us. Think carefully about what your home currently says about you? Also, if you’re not working from home more often, you need a relaxing, tidy and comforting space.

    If you’d like to ‘de-stress’ your home, start by giving it a deep clean.

    Get together all the equipment and products you’ll need and dust, vacuum and clean all the surfaces, from top to bottom. Go that extra bit further and show some love from your wardrobes, drawers and bookshelves too by giving them a complete overhaul.

    Cluttered rooms can equal a cluttered mind, so having everything neat and organised is great for de-stressing. And now is the time to do this before you start getting organised for Christmas.

    You could also try lighting scented candles or using essential oils and diffusers. Scents such as rose, or sandalwood are grounding and calming.

    Throw open you curtains or blinds, clean your windows inside and out and let in more light into your home where possible.

    This not only makes the house look more inviting and cheerful, but natural light can also boost your mood as we go further into the winter months.

    A fresh coat of paint is great for freshening up a tired room too. Use natural, light colours, a muted grey/blue or a gentle yellow, to create the illusion of space.

    You can even add cheery accessories and update lampshades with pretty fabrics. 

    Add mirrors to encourage more light and reflection and dot some interesting natural art about the place to bring yet more of the outdoor world inside.

    Having houseplants in your home can be great for helping you to de-stress, detox and they can filter out chemicals in the atmosphere.

    They also help improve air quality, relax and revive you mentally and physically, and can help reduce dust, which saves on housework! It’s a win, win!