• Time to go natural

    As the weather improves, we’re starting to spend more time outdoors connecting with the green spaces around us.

    We’re gardening more too – whether it’s a few pots of herbs on a kitchen windowsill or something much grander like an urban courtyard or a rose-strewn country garden.

    Interior design follows this trend too and embraces and celebrates new growth, foliage, flora and our love for the natural world, bringing the outdoors in with the use of light greens, as well as warm yellows and oranges.

    Leaf and flower prints have become more prominent for the summer, as have botanical patterns, but in a softer style than those of the previous season.

    This delicate element in the design, makes them look and feel less dramatic and more wafting, like a cooling summer breeze or a walk in the woods and a spot of forest-bathing.

    The key colours of the season include leaf green, mustard, nude pink and faded blue with materials like velvet, wood and buff leather featuring as well.

    Our summer natural range includes pink velvet cushions, mustard yellow and orange vases, and our blue, hand-woven napkins.