• Time to give your garden a make-over

    If you use your garden as an extension of your home, then it’s the month to be giving it a bit of a spring clean and some TLC.

    1. Think about your lighting for evening activities and entertaining outdoors. Different lighting can help create different moods and many lights can be used in the garden all year round. Try candles or solar options. You can get solar powered outdoor fairy lights these days too from many online stores.
    2. Sundials, birdbaths and other garden ornaments are wonderful for creating focal points and can add decoration.
    3. Invest in some all-weather cushions. Select something that you can leave out throughout the summer months, as that helps give you more time to sit and enjoy your garden rather than tidying up all the time.
    4. Water features are also a great idea for creating a tranquil, relaxed atmosphere.
    5. A garden’s atmosphere would be nothing without the plants within it. Think carefully about the mood you’re going for and ask your local garden centre for expert advice. Scent, texture and all year colour play an important role.