• Time for some spring sprucing

    The weather is warming up, the sun has made an appearance and spring has sprung and you’re probably feeling raring to go.

    Before you begin your spring home spruce up, get all your equipment and the items you’ll need together. Then write a to-do list to help keep you focused and to ensure the most important jobs are given priority.

    Be methodical and tackle one room at a time and try to do all the bigger jobs first, such as washing bedding and mattress toppings. If their care labels say you can, then you could also wash pillows and duvets.

    Be ruthless. Household items such as DVDs, CDs, printer toners and mobile phones can be donated to national charities. This reduces landfill and puts unwanted items to good use. Keep lists and mementos on a stylish memo board or go for a paperless system using your tablet or mobile phone, so sides and desks remain uncluttered.

    Once the tidy up is complete, make small changes to your home to revamp and rejuvenate it for the new season. Some simple alterations such as new cushions, fabrics or throws can really help brighten things up.

    Bring in colourful spring accessories. You could even change your lampshades to match the new season. Add mirrors to encourage light reflection and dot some natural art around to bring yet more of the outdoors in.

    You can also bring a bit of spring inside with new pot plants or colourful cut flowers like tulips.

    Remember that the outside of your home will need a spruce up too. Wash windows and woodwork, wipe down front doors and any outdoor furniture, check pots and any plants, and give everything a wash, tidy, brush up and sort out. Also, check your outdoor paths and paving for slippery algae or moss.