• Time for an autumn de-clutter

    The days are getting shorter and cooler, and the leaves are turning various shades of gold and copper. Autumn is here and winter is on its way too.

    But forget plans to hibernate, this season is your chance to build towards a less stressful and chaotic Christmas with some organisational know-how and a plan to de-clutter.

    1. We’re all prone to buying new clothes when we see something we like, but to beat the clutter and the bulging wardrobes this season, make a list on your phone or in a handy pad and keep it in your handbag. On your list write down all the items you really need this A/W.
    2. Go through your wardrobe and create outfits to suit various occasions, such as for work or weekend pursuits, as this will also help focus you on the items of clothing or shoes you need to buy and help prevent you from buying more of a particular type of clothing in a particular colour. Anything you haven’t worn for the past two A/Ws or is in poor condition needs to be donated to charity or stored for use when gardening or painting the house.
    3. Check out your coats, hats, sleepwear, underwear, hosiery and accessories too and repeat the process as per point number two above. Have you got all you need? Are they in good condition? Once you have fine-tuned your own wardrobe do the same with your spouse, partner’s and/or children’s wardrobes and before you know it the clutter will be contained and you’ll save time when looking for an outfit in the morning.
    4. Summer clothes you wish to keep can be stored away in suitcases, sealed boxes or vacuum-packed bags. Watch out for moths – use lavender sachets or similar moth repellent products to help prevent the moth larvae from nibbling holes in your clothing during the winter months.
    5. Remember before you pack it all away for next year, remove any clothes that no longer fit or have fallen into disrepair.