• Time for a hot desk at home

    The trend for working at home, even if just for a couple of days a week, is becoming more popular and is in some cases inevitable.

    We’ve put together some advice for creating a home office that’s both practical and decorative.


    If you can’t commit a whole room to a home office, that’s not an issue as there are lots of great ideas for handy solutions out there. How about colonising an alcove, a cupboard or the corner of an existing room?

    As alcoves are all different sizes, if you can’t find a desk that fits, fix battens to the wall and attach a piece of wood to create a desk.

    If you have a built-in floor to ceiling cupboard that would suit or a wardrobe, then time to utilise it. It’s perfect for an office solution as you can just shut the doors on it once you’ve finished your day’s work or your evening admin chores. Fix in a shelf that’s the correct height for you to sit at.

    If you need to use a corner of an existing room, buy furniture that blends with the décor. A desk than can double as a sideboard in a living room or a dressing table in a bedroom is invaluable.


    Your furniture ought to be functional and ergonomic, but it needn’t be hard on the eye. A simple and uncluttered office space is easier to work in. Make sure each piece of furniture is functional and matches your décor.


    Try and store receipts and files electronically to avoid too much paperwork flapping around. To create a sleek look that allows you to feel in control, yet comfortable, make sure your desk accessories match your décor as well.

    Need more help?

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