• The most Instagrammable room colours revealed

    Instagram is a well-known visual resource when it comes to inspiration for home décor needs. You can get lost flicking through the fascinating images of plants, accessories and rooms.

    *Image courtesy of Little Greene

    Research by Rated People found that pink is the biggest trend for bedrooms, bathrooms, playrooms, nurseries and staircases at the moment. While blue was then named the most popular for hallways and dining rooms.

    1. Bathroom – with more than 27,000 tagged hashtags on Instagram, pink has become the biggest trend for bathrooms. Pink is now less feminine and girly but more grown-up and powerful.
    2. Bedroom – a soft blush pink on the walls adds an elegant touch to your bedroom. The blush pairs well with different tones and textures of pink as well. You could bring in some accessories in similar shades too.
    3. Dining room – blue is a bold choice for a dining room, with shades ranging from duck egg to sea blue. Pair with white and wooden furniture to add a gorgeous lightness back into the room. 
    4. Hallway – a striking blue look in the hallway can really add style and character to your home. But this colour choice is not made for the faint hearted!
    5. Kitchen – earthy, pale, green tones have become the most popular for kitchens this They are often combined with white and wooden elements to keep a rustic feel.
    6. Living room – from vibrant jewel tones to deep sea hues, green has become a popular but bold choice for homeowners. Paired with wooden furniture and gold accents, it can create a really luxurious feel.
    7. Playroom – pink, pink and more pink, is what Instagram reveals is the perfect colour for playrooms. Shades of blush pink accompanied with peach and cream, will create a peaceful atmosphere for children to play in.
    8. Stairs – pink, which is a bold but stylish choice for stairs and adding modern floral prints will help transition a traditionally neutral part of the house to a more modern feel.