• The biggest Christmas tree trends for 2020

    As Christmas is just around the corner, here’s our guide for the biggest Christmas tree trends for this year.

    From bright lights to black and glamorous, we hope to inspire you with new ideas for your tree this yuletide.

    1. The pop-up Christmas tree this one is for those of you out there who want to save some time and space this year. Pop up trees also work well for anyone who is hoping to spend Christmas Day away from home because these trees will bring festive cheer wherever you are.
    2. Flocked trees – these are covered in a dusting of snow to add the extra festive feel. Add decorations in silver and whites for a sparkling display.
    3. Christmas tree wall art – a great alternative to your regular Christmas tree. Known as the hanging or ladder tree, it is an ideal way to transform a plain wall. Creating your own tree wall art is a great DIY project you could do at home, add some fairy lights for that magical feel.
    4. Traditional meets 3D – a traditional Victorian aesthetic tree is one of the biggest tree trends for 2020. It is an artificial tree with three dimensional designs, which will add a more realistic and high-quality look.
    5. Customisable tree lights – Christmas tree lights have really been upgraded for 2020. The advancements in technology now let you control the lights from your smartphone. You can even create animations, effects, set timers and change the brightness.
    6. The outdoor Christmas tree – bring your indoor festivities outside this year. LED trees are brilliant for a standout piece outside your home. You could even experiment with unusual shapes as well.
    7. Black Christmas trees – a modern take on a traditional tree. This dark dramatic tree creates a bold and glamorous feel for the festive season and will look great in a contemporary home.
    8. Also set to be BIG this year is the fresh, real tree – it has eco credentials and brings the look, texture and smell of the natural world indoors in a time when we are all craving a closeness to nature.