• Storage ideas

    Storage is one of the most vital aspects of your home when planning an interiors makeover.

    Here’s how to avoid having clutter about the place and to ensure your property looks its very best, especially if you’re now working from home more too.


    • Good kitchen storage is imperative. Make sure you use your cupboards, drawers and shelving to the best advantage, especially if you have a small space.
    • Get some hooks to hang mugs, jugs, pans and utensils on, removing them from drawers and cupboards to make room for other items.
    • Fill gaps like spaces between appliances and walls with shelving.
    • Use stylish baskets above cabinets or on worktops for condiments or invest in stylish jars to use to store herbs and spices.

    Sitting rooms

    • Invest in a coffee table with drawers/shelving/alcoves where magazines, books and other items can be stored.
    • Filling an entire wall with shelving is popular and painting the wall a bright colour makes it a feature.
    • Shelves are great for displaying houseplants.


    • Any towels, flannels, robes can be stored in bathroom cupboards.
    • Add shelving somewhere that would be considered a dead area, so next to the loo, above a towel rail or in a corner.
    • Baskets are great for storing towels in too.
    • A cupboard underneath a sink is a good way to gain extra storage without losing space.