• Spring de-clutter tips

    It’s the traditional time of year for a de-clutter in prep for the spring, so following the trend that professional organiser Marie Kondo has popularised, we’ve popped together some of our top tips for you. 

    Having an organised and tidy space is not just easy on the eye but research suggests it’s also good for your general wellbeing as your home will be a calmer place to live in. 

    Here are our top 10 handy hints to help you cleanse the clutter and bring happiness and harmony into your home: 

    1. When planning a de-clutter session be sure you set aside enough time. Depending on the space you are targeting, allow a day or a weekend to get things done and don’t be distracted.
    2. It’s always best to start with re-purposing or throwing away things you don’t need.
    3. Start with any paperwork lying around. Throw away anything that is out of date.
    4. If you’re not able to use your devices to store important paperwork electronically, opt for tasteful stacking boxes made from natural products such as wicker and use blackboards for notes/lists and memo boards for any lose paperwork or receipts
    5. If you have an item that’s not been used within the past six to 12 months, then it may be time to recycle it, sell it, pass it on to charity or bin it!
    6. Order things by use and make a place for everything. After using the item, return it to its place. Leave nothing lying around and never put off returning something to its home.
    7. Recycle containers such as pretty jam jars into pots for pens, paperclips and other stationery. They also double as trendy storage jars for buttons and other small items.
    8. Create a safe place to hang keys or use a special pot and be sure they are not near windows or front and back doors
    9. Be sure that anything you bring in to help you get organised at home doesn’t clash with your current décor. Storage and organisers must look great while being highly practical.
    10. Once everything is complete, don’t forget to reward yourself with a cuppa and stand back and enjoy your newly revived space!