• Six tips for creating a home office space

    1. When planning your home office think about creating a practical and comfortable space to work in otherwise you will be forever moving back to the kitchen table to get comfy.
    2. Office furniture should be functional and supportive as you will be sitting down for many hours during an average working day, however, you ought to move about as much as possible, and it needn’t be ugly.
    3. Go for a simple and uncluttered look as this really does help focus the mind when working. Make sure each piece of furniture has a function and matches or enhances your other décor.
    4. Keep your desk neat, so you have ample space to work in, with filing trays, drawers and by using memo boards and blackboards, in an old school stylie.
    5. Try and store receipts and files electronically to avoid too much desk bound paperwork.
    6. In order to have a sleek look that allows you to feel in control yet comfortable in the space you’re creating, make sure your desk accessories match or enhance your décor as well.