• Shop 2019’s on trend colours

    The start of a year always gives us all a chance to reboot, and arbitrary as it may be, it’s an opportunity to find out what’s new and why in the world of interiors and home accessories.

    If you’re a little behind with all this having only just recovered from your festive spending spree, don’t worry we’ve researched some of the interior trends for 2019 for you. So, if you’re planning an overhaul at home, you’re armed with the right information before you get started.

    Last year everyone was after an edgier look at home. However, 2019 has kicked off with a more mindful, lifestyle-based approach. It’s all about linking our homes with the living world and bringing in more restful colours to counterbalance the demands on our mental well-being and our growing digital engagement.

    Green hues that are intrinsically linked to the natural world, and are gender neutral, will be very much ‘in’ this year. Try forest greens for the ultimate connection with nature, bringing the healing properties of the outdoors into your home. Moody blues are also set to be big – providing the colour for statement walls and pieces of furniture.

    We’ll also see a rise in colours that are associated with optimism, like bold yellows and oranges. Softer shades of pink in rosy neutrals and muted blushes, which reflect a spirituality, are being favoured too. These hues are timeless.

    Meanwhile, wood-inspired textures, looks and shades are a great alternative to traditional beiges, tans and creams. They are ideal for minimalists and those who are adverse to too much colour.