• Sharing a ‘quarantini’ with friends

    The home-bar has had a bit of a revival during the lockdown, so we’ve put together our tips on how to do it stylishly.

    If you’re after a recipe for a cocktail, then take a look at Olive Magazine’s guide here or if something non-alcoholic is more your thing, check out these mocktails from Martha Stewart.

    • All-out bars are not the fashion, but drinks trollies are definitely on trend, so don’t think you need a counter and stools to enjoy ‘drinks’ at home.
    • If you’re not keen on a trolley you could opt for a drinks table or cabinet/cupboard.
    • Remember this is all about creating an experience at home, so whatever you opt for, go for style, treats and accessories that ensure a party atmosphere. Dress up too.
    • Next decide on the spirits and mixers you would like to include in your collection, then think about the glassware you’ll need.
    • Tumblers are essential for anything on the rocks, or that you wish to drink something neat. Highballs, which are tall glasses, are perfect for non-alcoholic drinks and those with mixers. You’ll need v-shaped or coupe stems for cocktails shaken over ice.
    • The next set of glasses to organise are red and white wine ones, as well as those for champagne and prosecco.
    • It’s also important to have fridge space available for anything that needs to be chilled and for fresh garnishes, fruit and herbs, that you may wish to use in any mock or cocktails.
    • If you can’t fit a drinks trolley, table or cabinet into your living or dinning room, then consider a lockdown inspired, kitchen revamp to make space for your bottles, glassware and accessories there. Countertop cabinets or larder cupboards are ideal for bar paraphernalia.