• Selecting the perfect Christmas tree

    Selecting the right Christmas tree for you and your home is an important job.

    Whether you opt for a real or artificial tree you will have to live with it for well over a month, so you want to be sure you’re selecting the right one.

    Follow our handy tips and you won’t go wrong:

    • Measure the height of the room as you don’t want a tree that’s too small or one that will scrape the ceiling 
    • Make sure the base of the tree is straight and at least six inches long, so it will fit easily into the tree stand 
    • Consider your colour scheme before making your selection. The colour of the tree is important too as this helps show off your decorations 
    • You also need to consider your decorations when choosing a tree. Don’t pick a tree that is too bushy if you have lots of dangling decorations as they will not hang well. If you have lots of low voltage lights a dense tree will give maximum impact 
    • When viewing a real tree, give it a shake – if it is fresh there should be very few needles falling off.