• Scandi look is still on trend this summer

    The Scandi look is here to stay. For the summer it’s all about embracing simplistic style and being super cool.

    Last season the focus was on layering up with multiple textures to give a feel of sumptuous, chic, depth. It wasn’t an over cluttered set-up, but was devoted to creating a cosy space, somewhere to retreat to and shut out the rest of the world.

    While globally-inspired patterns are still part of the vibe for 2019, this season it’s more about simple, understated patterns with neutrals, from canvas white to natural buff, playing a huge role.

    Ensuring we keep cool, if the summer proves to be another hot one, there’s a focus on wicker, earthenware and ash or bleached woods. Key materials also include wool and sheepskin.

    You may think these would just be reserved for the winter months, when we need to wrap up, but not so. Wool is able to take-up moisture from the air, so in the winter it helps hold in your body heat, while in the summer it helps your body cool-off.

    And a fine wool throw would be perfect when the evening damps off and you’re sitting outside chatting around the dying embers of a BBQ or firepit.