• Potted winter colour

    If you’ve cleared out your patio pots, containers and tubs this month and removed your summer-flowering plants, then you can now replace them with biennials and bulbs for a gorgeous display of spring colour. 

    There are also lots of colourful evergreens suitable for containers that will really cheer up your patio for the winter. 

    Good ones include Euonymus japonicus varieties like Euonymus japonicus ‘Kathy’ or Euonymus ‘Emerald & Gold’ with either green and gold leaves or green and silver leaves. 

    Variegated box (Buxus) can be clipped into attractive balls or pyramids too. 

    While dwarf conifers are available in loads of shapes and colours, and they really come into their own in winter when they give the garden some much-needed structure. 

    Ornamental cabbages are also good plants for winter colour, with attractively shaped heads of white, green or purple foliage.