• Our helpful guide to the build up to the BIG day

    In the run up to Christmas, there are lots of jobs to be done. Follow our handy guide and make sure you stay super organised. 

    1. Keep a special Christmas notepad handy for jotting things down in. 
    1. Buy gifts well in advance. It’s a good idea to get these wrapped ready for when the tree goes up so they can be popped straight under it. We have lots of Christmas gifts so why not a have a browse.
    1. Remember if you buy a fresh Christmas tree it will need watering, so buy a self-watering stand for cut trees. 
    1. Be sure to check you have enough decorations and to replace any broken ones.
    1. Ensure you stock up on food well in advance. Book a supermarket delivery before they all go. 
    1. If you have young ones in the house and need to keep their excitement contained a little, it’s a good idea to plan for the tree to go up the week before the big day. 
    1. To add a bit of festive colour to your home, make ribbon bows and attach these to the top of a bauble and then to the tree, this way you can change the colour scheme without having the expense of changing the whole lot.  
    1. A week or so before the big day give the house a deep clean, especially if you have visitors arriving.