• Orchid care tips

    If you have an orchid to care for and need a few handy hints to keep it looking good, here’s our advice to help you out.

    Contrary to popular belief orchids are really easy to look after. The main rule to follow is not to over water them. It is important to make sure you leave it until the roots and compost are almost dry before re-watering. 

    When you do come to water your orchid put it in your kitchen sink and leave it to soak in its pot for 15 minutes. Then let it drain thoroughly before returning it to its saucer or pot cover. 

    Orchids also require a quality feed and it is important to remember to water it in between feeds to prevent a build-up of fertiliser in their growing medium. 

    Position your orchid somewhere, where it is out of intense sunlight, as in the wild they grow in partial shade. 

    To maintain a healthy plant, it is important to re-pot or change the growing medium. This is usually done the spring after the plant was purchased and then every second spring. 

    If you have a phalaenopsis orchid, then it can stay in the same size pot. However, other varieties may require a larger pot. Always use a bark or coir-based medium and avoid those containing peat or soil. 

    When re-potting use clear orchid pots, which have plenty of holes in the base to allow good drainage and air flow.