• New planters for spring

    For all indoor and outdoor gardeners, we’ve a whole host of planters for windowsills and gardens in our range for spring/summer (2018).

    Set of two zinc tulip planters

    Price: £24.95

    Dimensions: small D15.5cm x H10cm, medium D20.5cm x H12cm

    This gorgeous set of two tulip shaped galvanised steel planters are perfect to display your favourite plants outdoors or for herbs on your kitchen windowsill.

    Made from: galvanised steel.

    Brass and Verdigris planter

    Price: £34.95

    Dimensions: D23cm x H19cm

    Perfect for this season’s copper and turquoise toned decor trend and ideal for ferns or trailing plants. For use inside or outside in the garden, the metal planter is hand-finished with a verdigris paint effect at the bottom to give it a ‘vintage’ look.

    Made from: brass coloured metal.

    Diamond pot & saucer by Chive

    Price: £10.40

    Dimensions: D8.48cm x H7.62cm

    These clay ceramic flower pots with saucers come in a contemporary, yet elegant, unique and beautiful design, with a pastel matte finish and a geometric diamond pattern. And all have drainage holes, so your houseplants won’t suffer. Plus, there’s a handy saucer to protect surfaces from water spills and drips when you do your watering.

    Available in: black, light grey and white (shown).

    Tokyo planter by Chive

    Price: £10.40

    Dimensions: D6.35cm x H10.16cm and two shapes (one with one tall side, the other with two tall sides)

    Toyko pots are made from clay. The name Toyko comes from the idea of creating a mini-city arrangement on your windowsill or a side table when you cluster both the shapes and several colours together.

    There is no drainage hole in these pots, so you’ll need a layer of charcoal and gravel for drainage under succulents. They are also fully glazed, so they can be used for small cut flower arrangements. They are also great for air plants.

    Available in: black, blue grey, light grey, white, yellow.