• Make yourself a household essentials kit

    Spring cleaning? Getting your house in order? Love a list? We’ve got the ultimate top 10 items to keep your home and you organised this year:

    1. Tape – all options whether you’re wrapping pressies, boxing something up or simply sticking something down. In the same place as your tapes keep a range of glues, a heavy-duty stapler and spare staples.
    2. With all the above it is also a good idea to keep some string, to tackle any indoor and outdoor jobs, even if just for wrapping up packages with.
    3. Light bulbs – store them altogether in one box and list what you have ‘in stock’ and which bulbs are required for which rooms, lamps etc.
    4. In case of power cuts, have a torch in a handy, easy to find place and candles close by too, complete with matches or a lighter.
    5. Have batteries in a box together and ensure you keep an eye on usage so you don’t run out and be sure to always have spare batteries for your smoke alarm.
    6. Store spare cables and bits and bobs for equipment, such as ‘phones, TVs and tablets, in see through bags in a box together.
    7. It pays to have a good selection of scissors for various uses and to keep them altogether in a safe place. Also enforce a ‘must be returned after use’ policy with them.
    8. Dusters are a must at any time of year, but if you’re spring cleaning you’ll need lots and they should be kept together for ease of use.
    9. Invest in some WD-40, which is handy for a vast array of jobs all around the house and outdoors too. Perfect for curing squeaky doors for example.
    10. Tissues and paper towels – good to have a decent stock of these all year round. At this time of year tissue stocks are definitely getting depleted faster than anything so don’t be caught out with a runny nose and check how many you have and replenish if necessary.