• Living with luxe

    A mainstay in the world of interiors at the moment is the trend for luxe.

    It’s been around for a few years but the nation’s passion for it never seems to waver and we rather love it too! But what is luxe?

    Luxe is decadence in the form of furniture and fabrics. It oozes The Great Gatsby with a touch of modernism, all mixed together in a heady cocktail of elegance and style.

    In 2019, luxe is still very much vogue and this year the nation is once again embracing its glamorous lightning, which makes a bold statement, and its furniture with its sleek lines and built in glamour.  

    If you’re looking to update your home with luxe furnishings, then this year they feature decorative rounded Art Deco shapes, so look out for these.

    Under the luxe umbrella, 1920s styling is making a big comeback in 2019, with jazz on the agenda, cocktail hour a must and drinks trollies being once again wheeled into sitting rooms the country over.

    If you’re keen to give this interiors’ trend a go in your own home, and try your luck at being a modern-day flapper, then go for dusty rose-pink fabrics. Other key colours include ochre and burnished gold.

    Luxe offers very tactile approach to home styling, as it features sensuous and warm velvets with cooler marble and brass, as well as smoked glass.  

    So, chin, chin and good luck with creating a little bit of luxe in your own home this season.