• Kitchen clutter clamp down

    We’ve put together some of our favourite tips for de-cluttering your kitchen cupboards as spring gets underway in earnest and we all start dreaming of throwing open our windows and unleashing our feather dusters:

    1. First things first – before you do anything make a plan. Think about what you’re currently storing and where, and work out what needs moving and why.
    2. Then start by going through each cupboard and drawer one at a time, and only keep the items in best condition.
    3. Tighten any wobbly lids or handles and ditch anything that is beyond repair.
    4. If you need to replace essential items, then keep a pad and pencil nearby to jot down the things you need to buy.
    5. At the planning stage you will hopefully have considered the location of items and worked out that all your pans need to be near the cooker and that you can store things together relevant to use – so saucepans and colanders together, bakeware and mixing bowls together and plastic containers all in one place.
    6. Stow heavier items such as large glass vases or trifle dishes, hefty earthenware bowls and cast iron pots in the bottom of cupboards to save straining shelves.
    7. Make sure everything is within easy reach to avoid straining yourself too. If you have awkward corner cupboards, or especially deep cupboards, consider using sliding shelves and rails.
    8. Rather than having some food items loose in cupboards get some storage jars or containers to keep them neat and tidy.
    9. Use blackboards for lists and notes and pinboards for keeping important paperwork tidy.
    10. Make sure you have pens and pencils to hand by keeping some in a box or storage pot ready for when you need to make a shopping list.