• Kick out the clutter!

    For those of us who don’t have a great deal of space at home, keeping it well organised and tidy is as must. Here are our experts’ top tips for getting rid of the clutter and reclaiming your home in time for the summer:

    • Get some lovely looking storage or wicker baskets, so you can make a home for everything that needs to be put anyway and, if you’re not about to go paperless any day soon, also buy a pin or memo board for your paperwork – these items needn’t be twee or country-style if you’re after a modern look
    • Have a place for everything and put everything in its place. After using an item, return it to its place. This will also save you from wasting hours searching for things
    • Anything that’s on the small side but still useful and you need to keep handy find a home for that’s easily accessible, for example pop pens and pencils into pots and use storage jars for those spare buttons that come with clothing
    • Create a special place for keys, well away from letter boxes, using hooks or bowls and use blackboards for shopping lists – again you can find contemporary boards and they don’t have to be rustic in appearance
    • Make sure anything you buy matches your existing décor and that they not only look great but are also very practical.