• How to restore your floorboards

    If you’d like to rip up your carpets and strip back to the natural wood below, then here are our happy hints for how to do so:

    • Start with preparing your boards – knock in any nails that are sticking out and secure any loose boards.
    • Fill any gaps between boards and any holes with wood filler.
    • Hire a sander to get the job done – you will need two different types. A drum sander for the main area and a smaller sander for doing the edging, sides and corners.
    • When you get to the point of starting your sanding – remove everything from the room, seal around the doors with a masking tape.
    • If your boards are really rough you will need to sand them with a coarse sheet at first before using a medium grade sheet. Do the same with the edging sander.
    • Get rid of the dust by vacuuming and using a cloth and white spirit.
    • Seal your boards with two coats of varnish or timber stain.