• How to make your cut flowers last longer

    Here are our top tips on how to ensure your spring cut flowers stay fresher for longer.

    We thought we’d share these with you as it’s very much the time of year when it’s good to get some colour into your home and, also, you may be creating a spring arrangement for the Easter weekend.

    Whatever your favourite cut flower is, the same rules always apply, say the flower arranging gurus:

    1. Cut the stems under water to prevent air from getting into the veins.
    2. Strip off leaves that will sit under the waterline of the vase.
    3. Put a penny in the water – the copper acts as a fungicide.
    4. Also add lemon juice to the water – the acid in the juice kills the bacteria.
    5. And add sugar too as the sugar feeds the flowers.
    6. Use lukewarm water when filling your vase.
    7. And change the water daily.
    8. Pop your flowers in the coolest part of the house overnight to stop them from dehydrating.
    9. Remove any flowers that fade and die.
    10. Remove any stems or leaves that aren’t in tip top condition as soon as they reveal themselves, as they may not be apparent when you’re arranging your flowers at the beginning.