• How to make the perfect cup of tea...

    We’ve researched how the make the perfect cup of tea and we thought we’d share the secrets with you so you can try it at home.

    • Use freshly drawn water, freshly boiled.
    • Use the correct-sized teapot. To heat, pour some of the water, just before boiling, into the pot. Swirl and empty away.
    • Use orthodox, good-quality leaf tea not bags.
    • Use one spoonful per person and one for the pot.
    • Fill the pot and stir gently for a few moments. Infuse for five minutes. Use a timer to get this right.
    • Put room-temperature whole milk into the cup first. Use about one and a half tablespoonfuls.
    • To ensure that the leaves do not get into the cup, pour tea through a mesh strainer. Fill the cup to 1cm from the rim.
    • After the first pouring, add extra hot water to the teapot, so as to continue drawing further flavour and strength from the leaves.
    • Always discard cold tea at the bottom of the cup before a second pouring.
    • Even if the tea has been brewing for 10 minutes, orthodox leaf tea will not become too strong or bitter.

    With thanks to the Tea Council for their tips. To help you have a tea time to remember, we offer a range of stylish cups, mugs and teapots.