• How to make cut flowers last longer

    Flowers come in all shapes, sizes and colours, so placing vases of beautiful blooms around your home is a great way to compliment your home interiors. 

    Little bursts of colour and wonderful scents are also great for boosting your mood. 

    If you love having cut flowers around your home, but are wondering how to make them last that little bit longer, then follow our handy tips: 

    • Cut stems at a 45-degree angle and ensure you’re placing them in a fresh, clean vase ready for arranging 
    • Use tepid water in your vases to avoid air bubbles in the stems. Cold water should only be used for daffodils or tulips 
    • Make sure you change the water in your vase frequently 
    • Recut stems if flowers start to wilt 
    • Keep flowers out of direct sunlight and away from fruit, which releases ethylene that causes flowers to age faster 
    • Make a homemade flower preservative – add 1 tsp sugar, 1 tsp bleach and 2 tsps of lemon juice to one litre of water 

    Some of our favourite flowers for cutting and arranging into vases around the home are: 

    • Sweet peas – the perfect cut-and-come again flowers, which provide amazing scents
    • Peonies – cut blooms when three-quarters open
    • Sunflowers – perfect for brightening up any home
    • Roses – the ultimate cut flowers, perfect for beauty and scent
    • Zinnias – fantastic bold colours to add a zing to any floral arrangements
    • Alstromeria – a great, long-lasting flower 

    To display your beautiful cut flowers, you’ll need a beautiful vase. You can find our range of vases here, perfect for bigger arrangements and even single blooms. 


    Small Basso vase – white


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    A gorgeous, brushed, brass-look, bud vase with a shimmering finish. Simply add a few abstract blooms or pieces of foliage to instantly lift your home décor.

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