• How to introduce colour into your home

    It can be tricky to add colour into your home. There’s lots to factor in. You need to work out where new colours work best and where they’ll have the maximum impact.

    Have a think about the colours you love and choose roughly five different ones to run through the whole house. Remember, you need to love these colours as you’ll be seeing them every day. They need to bring you some joy when you see them.

    Think about the room you are re-painting or adding colourful accessories to. The kitchen is often the hub of the home, so you can be a bit more adventurous here with vibrant, bold tones.

    If you’re selecting a colour for a bathroom, consider shades that exude tranquillity, so you can create your own little haven away from everyone else. Shades with warm undertones help bring comfort to a space.

    You should also consider the way your room faces before splashing on the colour. North facing rooms have far less natural light, so it might be an idea to embrace this and go for something deep and rich as trying to lighten it with a softer shade can create an unwanted grey tone.

    Darker colours create a cosy atmosphere and you can brighten them with colourful accessories and mirrors.

    South facing rooms are great for soft or bright colours as they offer lots of warm light. East facing rooms get light in the morning and are cooler in the afternoon and west facing rooms are the opposite. In these, you can go wild with feature walls or bright accessories. The opportunities are endless.

    Most people’s first instinct with a new colour is to paint all the walls with it, or at least one feature wall, but what about painting the ceiling, woodwork or floor instead? It’s an effective way of adding colour without it being too dominant and it certainly turns the room into a talking point too.

    Alternatively, you can paint the inside of an alcove or archway, the insides of window frames or the insides of a bookshelf or door. Try painting an old piece of furniture to give it a new lease of life.

    The best and most purse-friendly way of adding colour to any room is to do so through accessories such as rugs, blankets, cushions and vases.