• How to get you laundry in order

    Wash day blues? You need a laundry room or cupboard…

    If you haven’t the space for a separate laundry room for appliances and cleaning materials, then you can create a compact area in a kitchen or bathroom cupboard with a little organisation.

    If you can use part of your garage or an outbuilding as your utility space, then this is a wonderful bonus to any home. For one thing it does mean you can close the door on your household chores and pretend they aren’t there!

    If you have a laundry room, what a lovely luxury, then follow our tips below to get it just so:

    • Ensure the room is well-ventilated if you are drying washing in there.
    • Keep at least two laundry baskets to separate dirty and clean clothes – if you can have more you will be able to sort white and coloured items out for washing too.
    • To save space and where safe to do so, stack appliances on top of one another.
    • If you have a tall but small space, invest in an overhead airer.
    • Ironing boards that can be folded and wall mounted, or that fold away under work surfaces, help save space too.
    • Use slatted shelving and cupboard doors to allow clothing and household linen stored in your laundry room to air.
    • Keep household cleaning materials in baskets and on racks and hooks on the back of cupboard doors.
    • Tidy away clothes horses and hang them from hooks or brackets on the wall.
    • Makes sure all your tools, gadgets and household items have a home – this will make them easier to find and keep your laundry tidier.