• How to get happy and productive in your workspace

    As homeworking continues, there is still time to create a happy and productive workspace, even if you don’t have a room to create an office in.

    Here are our top five tips to for ensuring your office space is comfortable and inspiring:

    Connect with views & natural light

    If possible, position your desk near a window and natural light. Brightness is proven to improve mental energy and enhance productivity, even if it is just in your periphery vision.

    If that’s not possible or clouds make their appearance, ensure you have an appropriate lamp or light source on standby. We love our minimal and classy Brass/Black table lamp that will go with any design scheme, and keep you working even on the darkest of days.

    Selecting your furniture

    Good furniture is key to any work area. Although you may not have the luxury of your own office at home or swanky ergonomic chairs, we’ve found our contemporary velvet chairs are perfect at a desk.

    Alternatively, add a throw or cushion to complement your existing furniture to make it more comfortable.

    Organising your space

    Moving furniture, tidying, dividing up space and decluttering can help you switch between your work and home life.

    Natural screens can also help divide up spaces, especially if your home is busy and small or if you’re working in your bedroom. A natural barrier with greenery provided by plants in stunning pots may also be an option. Keep organised with baskets to prevent areas from becoming too cluttered.

    Choosing colours, hues and personal touches

    Everyone wants to feel comfortable while working. Pre-Covid you may have added personal touches to your desk at work or kept your favourite bits in your desk drawers.

    Depending on your space at home, you can use paint, wallpaper or styling items to take this further. Colours can help divide a space, especially energising bright ones.

    Similarly, adding artwork or picture frames on your walls will make it feel more pleasant.

    Don’t forget to style your desk so you feel more productive, with desk accessories for organisation or something quirkier to keep you inspired.

    Take five

    Wellbeing is crucial and while working from home it’s essential to keep up your mental health and happiness.

    Don’t forget to take regular screen breaks and relax with a hot drink during the working day. Having a dedicated mug may also help you tell your brain it’s in ‘work mode’. Keep your water intake up and treat yourself to some new glass ware to motivate you during the day. It’s also important to take walks during the day and go outside.

    A lit candle or diffuser on your desk will also boost your mood and add a new sensory element that effortlessly changes the function of your space at the end of the day.