• Houseplants are now home accessories

    Houseplants are back in fashion. They can complement the colour themes of your home and they aren’t difficult to look after either. 

    An indoor plant is in fact a home accessory, bought to emphasise a look or to make a statement, and they add freshness and life to a room for much longer than cut flowers do. 

    All houseplants come with care instructions and it is important to pick plants that suit the conditions in your home and to give them the right care. 

    Generally they all need: 

    • Good light, except foliage types, but don’t tolerate scorching sun.
    • Cacti and succulents prefer dry, sunny conditions.
    • Fluctuations of temperatures are always a problem. Houseplants of all times hate to be too hot all day long and on a drafty windowsill all evening. Don’t just display them on a windowsill use side tables and plant stands.
    • Houseplants seem to enjoy being grouped together as this creates a micro-climate. 

    Houseplants to trying out this autumn are: 

    • Orchids – despite the bad press they are easy to look after and will look good for weeks. They like good humidity and light but not direct sun.
    • Indoor cyclamen are perfect for brightening up the home during the winter months.
    • Azaleas are another good one for enhancing the home with a dramatic splash of colour. They need lots of light and make sure they’re kept away from heaters and radiators.