• Helpful hints for good home storage

    Good storage is one of the most important parts of any home, whatever its size.

    Storage is particularly vital in the kitchen. You need to make full use of all cupboards, drawers and shelving. It’s a good idea to install hooks where you can hang items such as mugs, pans and utensils out of the way perhaps above head height over a breakfast bar or kitchen island.

    Display stylish wire baskets above cabinets or on worktops full of condiments, fruit or bottles and cans.

    Another room where clutter can easily gather is the lounge. Invest in a coffee table with draws/shelving where magazines, books and remote controls can be stored.

    Fill an entire wall with shelving and paint the wall a bright colour to make it a feature.

    The bathroom is a particularly difficult area of the house when it comes to storage. Any towels, flannels, robes can be stored in bathroom cupboards but as it can be the smallest room in the house this may not always be possible.

    It can be tricky to fit cupboards and drawers in, so you could use bathroom shelving as an alternative – the best place for this is somewhere that would be considered a dead area, so above a towel rail or in a corner.