• Having cacti in the home

    Cacti are back in fashion after nearly 40 years in the wilderness and they are a key home accessory, bought to emphasise a look or to make a bold statement. 

    They add freshness and life to a room for much longer than cut flowers do and they can complement the colour themes of your home. 

    Cacti aren’t difficult to look after either. Generally, cacti and succulents prefer dry, sunny conditions. Fluctuations of temperatures are always a problem. Houseplants of all types hate being on a drafty windowsill.

    For impact and style, don’t just display them on a windowsill, use side tables and plant stands. 

    Houseplants seem to enjoy being grouped together as this creates a micro-climate for them and, also, creates a great interiors’ look too. 

    When you purchase a Tokyo planter at our Somerset showroom at The Emporium Somerset you’ll receive a free cacti too, subject to availability. No two cacti are the same. Selection available may vary.