• Handy hints on how to sell your home this summer

    Ensure your home looks its very best inside and out with our tips and you could have it sold this summer in no time!

    First impressions count, so start with your outdoor space if you have one and maximise your kerb and front door appeal.

    Tidiness is a must, so remove the debris and be prepared to make several trips to the recycling centre or your local council tip. Get anything that doesn’t need to be on show, away into a shed, cupboard or garage and pop things in storage boxes. Just as you would do indoors, remove dust and cobwebs, give everything a brush down or a jet wash and ensure the windows and frames are clean and sparkling.

    Inside and out, children’s and animals’ toys can create an eye sore. Ensure there is space somewhere to store them, so when potential buyers come to look around, they have been tidied away from view.

    Everything looks better when it has been cleaned and deep cleaned rooms not only look good, they smell good too. There are lots of specialist cleaning products and equipment available, such as steamers, which are well worth the investment too.

    If you have furry friends, think about any issues related to hair on carpets and upholstery as not everyone is a pet-lover and you might be putting potential buyers off.

    It might seem like a waste of money when you intend moving out but giving your home an update and a refresh décor wise will help with your sale. Go for a natural palette of paint colours, as not everyone will have the same taste, so it’s best to keep it simple.

    You could also update any furniture by adding new accessories such as cushions and throws. Help your potential buyer visualise themselves living in your home.