• Grow your own salad leaves

    You can sow rocket, salad leaves and even spicy oriental mixes containing rocket, outdoors from March to September in a fine soil or in a container on a sunny patio in a multi-purpose compost.

    It’s a great beginner’s seed to sow as it takes very little care, time or attention and the results are wonderful.

    Nothing beats eating salad you have grown yourself and because it is so fresh it tastes better too.

    Follow the instructions on the seed packet for sowing but as general rule of thumb you need to create little trenches that are about 13mm deep and 30cm apart.

    Keep an eye on the watering and if the soil is damp to touch, or if you push a finger in to it is damp below the surface, then you don’t need to water. If it is dry, then you do. Be generous with the water in hot weather too.

    Once the seedlings develop, you can either thin out the plant to allow fully-grown plants to develop or you can pick them as baby leaves and eat them.

    If you have a greenhouse or conservatory, or even a suitable windowsill, then you can also sow and grow wild rocket from October to March.

    You can grow rocket and speedy salad mixes on a windowsill during the summer months too.

    One word of warning, they can quickly go to seed, so keep the plants well-watered and harvest them regularly to encourage more young growth.