• Give your garden a spring cleaning

    Here are our handy hints on what to be getting on with in the garden at the moment. So, enjoy the milder weather and make the most of your pottering. 

    Starting in the greenhouse, conservatory or potting shed, it’s essential that you give the glass a good clean with something like Jeyes fluid or a good detergent or soap. 

    This will kill off algae, fungal spores and some overwintering pests. It will mean more light will get to your plants enabling them to grow faster and sturdier. 

    Check over all tools, sharpen your cutting tools, including your lawnmower blade so that you’re ready for action once the weather improves. But of course, take great care with sharp items. 

    Algae, moss and weeds will also have grown on your paths, steps and patio. 

    You can use a narrow wire brush to get the detritus out from the cracks in the paving and a path and patio cleaner on all the stone areas to clean and restore the colour. 

    Decking will also need a vigorous sweep and treatment with an algicide as when wet these areas can be very slippery. 

    If you need any additional assistance, products or equipment, many garden centres can deliver and are able to give advice over social media, email or the telephone. Find your nearest garden centre here.