• Give your garden a mini makeover

    You don’t need to spend a fortune to give your garden a mini makeover. Divide up the outside and create ‘rooms’, each one can have a different theme, colour palette, scent and mood.

    1. Different lighting can help create different moods. Use spotlights to highlight certain trees or plants. Position lights under foliage, or a certain feature, for more intense lighting or place two spotlights either side for something more subtle. Solar powered lighting is great for this.
    2. Sundials, birdbaths and other garden ornaments are great for creating focal points and can add decoration to pathways as well.
    3. You could also invest in some comfortable, all-weather cushions to brighten up the garden and provide much needed comfort for guests.
    4. Water features are also a great idea for creating a tranquil, relaxed atmosphere. A simple wall fountain is perfect for those not wishing to do much maintenance.
    5. A garden’s atmosphere would be nothing without the plants within it. Think carefully about the mood you’re going for. Roses are a must for the summer colour and give a romantic vibe. Your nearest garden centre will offer free advice and you don’t need to wait for the spring, as autumn is a great time for planting too.