• Get your garage, workshop or shed tidy

    Stop your garage, workshop or garden shed from becoming a dumping ground with our handy tidying guide:


    • Clear out any broken and redundant tools and items that you no longer use. If you have tools that can be recycled and repaired then it may be worth contacting a charity that can use them.
    • Duplicates of any tools can be donated to charity as above or sold on eBay.
    • Anything that has gone off and can’t be used, such as paint that has gone hard, needs to be disposed of sensibly.
    • Add bracketed shelving for storage.
    • Use a selection of storage containers to help sort and keep small/multiple items such as plant labels, screws and nails together and tidy.
    • Use brackets to hang large equipment on walls and keep tools off the ground.
    • Label boxes of items on shelves to keep things in good order.
    • Baskets with luggage labels provide good storage places for clothing and accessories that you use in the garden like gloves, gardening aprons and kneeling pads.