• Get ready for your 2021 spring clean

    Spring is just around the corner so why not get a head start on your seasonal cleaning with our help (January 2021). 

    You can start early and get organised with a range of storage items to help conquer the clutter.

    Seagrass baskets – set of two

    Price: £129.99 

    Dimensions: Approx. H47cm, circumference 41cm. 

    Our set of two, natural woven seagrass baskets with arched handles. Perfect for using as storage in any room of the home. Store cushions, blankets and throws, kids’ toys and even firewood in a neat, Nordic way. 

    You could even place a liner inside and pop a potted indoor plant in them for the ultimate home accessory. 

    Kayra baskets – set of two


    Price: £15.00  

    Dimensions: Approx. H15cm and H20cm 

    It’s your time to get organised with our steel grey, striped baskets made from cotton and paper. Perfect for storing paperwork, toys, toiletries, books or magazines neatly, out of the way. 

    Amera storage jar – tall and small  


    Price: Tall: £19.00, Small: £15.00  

    Dimensions: Tall: Approx. H16cm and can hold 125 cl. 

    Small: H10.5cm 

    These are the perfect storage jars for bathroom bits such as cotton pads or buds, on your bedside table for trinkets and jewellery or pop it on a shelf as a simple decorative piece. Comes with a lid so the contents are protected. 

    This product will be back in stock April 2021. Please feel free to pre-order if you’re happy to wait for stock to arrive.