• Five simple things to do in your garden this month

    Here are a few expert pointers on what to do in the garden this month.

    • You don’t need to have a garden to enjoy a bit of green therapy. Simply get a few herbs and pop them on a sunny windowsill. They are easy to look after as long as you don’t over water them (touch the soil to see if it is dry before watering them but generally they will need half an egg cup of water daily) and they are kept out of draughts.
    • Grow your own tomatoes – they are great fun and tasty too. They can be grown outdoors in pots and growbags as long as they are in a sunny, sheltered spot. They are fine on patios and balconies. Use a good fertiliser to help feed them. Good varieties to go for include Tomato ‘Tumbling Yellow’, which can be grown in a hanging basket or an old favourite Tomato ‘Gardeners’ Delight’.
    • Repaint your garden shed – it’s the perfect time of year when all the other gardening jobs have died back a bit, to spruce up your shed.
    • Keep on top of your weeds – don’t let weed heads develop as this will cause you bigger problems as time goes on.
    • Refresh your flower beds and plant up new pots and hanging baskets with seasonal summer bedding once the last risk of frost has gone. Make sure to include water retentive and slow release fertiliser granules in the compost you use to help keep your containers moist and to feed your plants. You can also use plant feed to keep them topped up and healthy. Remove dead flowers throughout the season to encourage more blooms.