• Father's Day gift ideas

    We’ve some great indulgent and luxury gift ideas for dads on our blog today, here are a few of the items we’d recommend, so you’ll be able to treat your father on June 16:

    Luxury Scented Media candle

    Price: £28.50

    Available fragrances: Sardegna (white box), Lavender & Patchouli (black box), Geranium, with Mandarin & Bergamot (white box), Rose Geranium (black box)

    Box Set of 4 Mini Candles – Relax

    Price: £58 

    Set of 4 mini candles: Frankincense, Lavender & Patchouli, Patchouli & Vetiver, Rose Geranium.

    Nordic Sand Mug

    Price: £6.49

    Nordic Sea Mega Mug

    Price: £7.49

    Large handmade mug

    Price: £15.75

    Produced in partnership with other socially and ecologically responsible craftspeople and makers. Available in white, black (shown), dove grey, yellow or blue.

    Orbit centrepiece

    Price: £62.50

    A British company based in Lincolnshire makes these high-quality melamine table and place mats. Available in monochrome (pictured) or powder blue.

    The colour may vary as every piece is unique and the glaze responds to the shifts in the firing process, which results in different textures and hues.

    Due to the nature and style of the manufacturing process of our products, some items may have slight variations in shape, weight, size or colour.

    The following items can now be purchased from us online and are also available from our showroom on the second floor at The Emporium Somerset in Wellington, Somerset.