• Creating the perfect festive dinner table

    When you’re entertaining at home this Christmas or New Year’s Eve, it is essential to make sure you create the right ambience for your guests.


    From the outset you need to decide if you’re colour coordinating or mixing and matching two or three different colourways with your table cloth, napkins and the cutlery and crockery you are going to use?

    Keeping it simple by using an off-white and grey/silver palette can look very appealing. Cover your table with a crisp white linen tablecloth and add handwritten place cards for a personal touch.


    You’ll need to make sure you have enough suitable chairs before the event. If space it tight, benches or stools can be a great alternative, as they are more compact.


    You can set the scene with distinctive lighting. White fairy lights casually used can look great. Candles also work well and you could incorporate them into your table centrepiece. Tea lights in statement holders, like our concrete ones, can enhance the atmosphere.

    You should consider switching off any overhead lights and use free standing lamps instead, but make sure there is enough light for people to see what they are eating.


    Selecting a centrepiece is a difficult thing to do as it really needs to be a showstopper, but it shouldn’t take up too much space or obstruct talk across the table. Try using low vases or candle holders.

    For an organic look, use a combination of bare branches and evergreen foliage from your garden or a florist. Eucalyptus, ivy and rosemary sprigs that have a silver tinge can work very well together at this time of year if you have gone for a white/grey theme. Alternatively, fill a large clear vase with silver baubles to compliment your colour scheme.


    Have some suitable music, something people can talk over that isn’t too obtrusive, but gives tone to the event, on in the background.