• Creating a collection – Sue Ure Maison and Diama Paris

    Our supplier Sue Ure creates unique textile as well as ceramic collections. We caught up with her recently to find out all about her partnership with Diama Paris.

    “When I am not at my studio in southwest France, I spend a fair amount of time at international interiors shows. And, recently, I’ve been asked quite a bit about my new home textile collection – which does, in fact, have quite a story behind it.

    “It was at one of these shows I met Martine Gueye who, under the Diama Paris label, specialises in handwoven Fairtrade organic textiles from west Africa, where she has spent many years building a network of skilled craftspeople.

    “Like me, Martine believes passionately in creating high quality contemporary products that are as ethical and environment-friendly as they are stylish. As we talked, we decided to produce together a range of organic linen and cotton home textiles to my design.

    “Our sources are accredited cooperatives. Dakar is where some of our production takes place. Organic cotton production is not common-place and these cooperatives are helping to regenerate a struggling traditional cotton crop, replacing it with sought after organic cotton.

    “The focus on organic materials and responsible agricultural practice help to ensure that farmers and their families are not put at risk by the use of pesticides and other potentially dangerous treatments.

    “By supporting specialist, highly skilled craft practitioners we are playing a part in safeguarding this heritage.  In a world of geopolitical upheaval, investing in local crafts gives these weavers, dyers and tailors a degree of financial security and the possibility of building a more stable future.

    “All our products are hand-woven. This gives a richly textured quality, a delightful individuality, which is simply not available elsewhere.

    “These are sumptuous textiles designed for sustainability in every sense – for a long, stylish life in your home and to contribute, in a small but significant way, to a secure and sustainable planet for us all. We believe our collection represents an investment in a hopeful future; we hope you will too.”