• Create a cosy home and office

    If you are taking things a little slower this year or are working from home more often, here are some quick and simple updates to help maximise your space and create a cosy environment.

    1. Style your desk so it will inspire you to be productive and creative. You want a space that will look and feel beautiful and will make you want to ‘go to’ work. Start simple, add a lamp, a few pieces of wall art and some desk accessories. You could even add plants and some new stationery.
    2. Introducing a new scent can help create a sensory dimension to each room of your home. Adding a candle or diffuser with a unique scent can change the function of a room too. Scents like amber and vanilla create a cosy atmosphere and herbs, spices, and fruits work well in the kitchen.
    3. Moving furniture around and adding small updates can be just as impactful as re-decorating. You can add some texture by including a statement lamp, chunky weaves, coloured throws, a new rug and a range of cushions will add personality to any space.
    4. Do not be afraid to mix old and new, steal décor from other rooms in the house. A mixture of vintage and modern can really create a homely and personalised feel, instead of it looking like a show room.
    5. Give your bathroom that spa feeling with some new towels, in calm colours like taupe or charcoal. You could even add some plants and lavender scents to create that relaxation feel, which is perfect after a day in the office.
    6. Be prepared with your food, try preparing your lunch the night before so you can relax on your breaks, and there is nothing wrong with letting the oven do all the hard work with a one-pot meal. You can even save the leftovers for the next day.